I Resolve To® . . . Do What I Love, Love What I Do!

A constant pursuit of new creative challenges, a desire to help others, and a love of making New Year Resolutions that dates back to my high school years, led to the 2005 creation and trademarking of the I Resolve To® . . . blog and brand that includes inspirational products. With a blend of inspiring photo-resolutions (Daily Resolves) and common sense advice, my dream is to help others to achieve their dreams with successful, empowering, New Year Resolutions at IResolveTo.Com

The theme, "Do What You Love, Love What You Do" is a thread that is woven through every aspect of my personal and professional life and I urge others to pursue their own passions by resolving to do what they love.  My own personal/professional mission statement is simple:  "I intend to live a purpose-driven life by doi Create your own "Daily Resolve" inspirations by clicking the photo! ng what I love and loving what I do via small daily steps each and every day, creatively, patiently, passionately, persistently, and joyfully with hope, gra titude, and an open-curious-mind. I am a Resolutionista. I make resolutions, keep resolutions and enjoy the journey!"

 Since launching I Resolve To . . . in 2005 I have used myself as an informal case-study, testing different techniques and writing about what works and what doesn't work. During the past decade, I have studied the personal experiences of people who write about their New Year Resolutions, as well as news and studies about making and keeping resolutions. I Resolve To . . . has been a serious study and a rewarding pursuit.

The I Resolve To . . . premise and strategy is simple, practical, and based on common sense - perfect for busy people with limited time outside of work, family and other obligations.  At the heart of my strategy:  make time for yourself and your dreams via small daily steps, AKA Daily Resolves.  Rather than focusing on a long list of things you hate about your life, instead invest your time and effort in things you love to do.  Small daily steps add up to big results over time!

Consider these four easy steps . . .

First:  Start With The I Resolve To . . . Formula For Success: 

Dream + Specific One-Sentence Resolution + Small Daily Goals (Daily Resolves) = Success, Achievement And Reward.

Second:  Commit To The I Resolve To . . . Affirmation: 

I Resolve To . . . Achieve My New Year Resolutions, One Resolution, One Day At A Time For One Year.® 

Third:  Follow The I Resolve To . . . Do's - One Small Daily Step At A Time:

  1. Do - Dare To Dream;
  2. Do - Decide;
  3. Do - Define;
  4. Do - Develop A Plan; and,
  5. Do - Do It Daily.

Fourth:  Avoid The I Resolve To . . . Don'ts - Patiently and Persistently:

  1. Don't - Procrastinate; 
  2. Don't - Give In To Fear Of Success Or Fear Of Failure; 
  3. Don't - Get Overwhelmed Or Discouraged; 
  4. Don't - Grow Bored, Weary Or Burned Out;  and,
  5. Don't - Give Up!

I urge folks to challenge themselves and take at least one (or more) small daily steps toward dreams and goals each and every day; and I advocate for elegant New Year Resolutions and straight forward strategies . . . "Focus, Follow Through and Finish Daily."  Make a firm commitment to yourself and your dreams:

"Be A Resolutionista.  Make Resolutions.  Keep Resolutions.  Enjoy The Journey!  Do it today . . . take that first small step.  Open your mind, dare to dream, and make a decision to 'go for it'.  Procrastination is your worst enemy and patience is your best friend.  Make a promise to yourself:  I Resolve To . . . Achieve My New Year Resolutions, One Resolution, One Day At A Time For One Year.®  Make every day New Year's Day.  Make every day count with 'Daily Resolves'.  Be A Resolution Revolutionary and make Lifetime Resolutions that are with you for good."

To learn more about strategies for achieving your resolutions, dreams and goals, visit the I Resolve To® . . . Blog, the Resolutionista Gear Shop and my tapestry of photo resolutions AKA "Daily Resolves".

You can also "get your creative on" by adding I Resolve To® . . . Daily Resolves photo-resolutions to fabulous products and gifts right here on this website.  Simply click the I Resolve To® . . . link above in the "Portfolio" section and create your own Daily Resolve inspirations!